Hi, there! I’m Reigan.


Thank you for landing here! I am a certified yoga instructor and have been teaching since 2020. I specialize in adult vinyasa and kids yoga classes and events and feel passionate about the mental and physical benefits of yoga for both small and grown humans.


I’d love to share a little snippet of my story.


I grew up in Texas but ventured to Colorado in 2011, where I attended college at Colorado University and gained a “big girl” internship at a growing communications company. It was, honestly, the most bored I’d ever been! It felt like I had to stay there to get an A+ on my report card of life, but I knew this could not be the end of my story…


During this uncertain time, a friend had invited me to a “yoga on the rocks” class at Red Rocks in Golden, Colorado. I remember thinking as I walked in, “Wow. Just WOW.” It was love at first sight! I not only fell in love with how yoga made me feel doing the postures, but also what energy yoga brought out in others around me. I realized I just needed to see my frustrations with curiosity, learn something new, and create… I was ready to embrace the unknown.


So, I decided to quit my job and take some time for myself. Funny enough, I then met my person, Noah, and a short year later we welcomed our baby girl into this world. I was thrilled to be a mama and start this next chapter. We purchased our first home in Texas and moved back to begin our life here. My friend let me tag along with her for a yoga class at Yoga Project one day, and that’s another piece of my story I’ll forever be grateful for.


I’d never been to a yoga studio that made me feel so at home or was so aesthetically pleasing. I knew this was where I wanted to do my teacher training! I obtained my 200 hour instructor certificate there and am forever thankful for Dave & Stacy Dockins and the other teachers I met along the way.


Deepening my yoga practice and beginning teaching in midst of a pandemic in 2020, I obtained my kids yoga certification, online from Karma Kids Yoga. Whether you’re young or old… you can do yoga. I wanted my daughter to grow up around yoga, I wanted her to see the importance of calming her body. She helps me teach my kids classes and I cherish every moment!


I have since taught at Nanda Yoga, Yogi Cubs, and FWISD, where we brought kids yoga into the classroom. Giving back to the community has always been my heart.


I also teach adult vinyasa at C3 Cryo Club and Texas Health Fitness Center. I am constantly scheduling various pop-up classes and offer in-home or in-studio private lessons by appointment only.


Grateful to have you here and looking forward to connecting with you soon!