Finding Your Center

Momming is hard, as all you mamas know. It’s so important for us to get the time we need to ourselves to recharge, come back to our center, and feel at ease. Here are some simple self-care practices I enjoy that I’d like to share with you!


There are so many movement modalities that promote healthy joint mobility, cardiovascular health, and functional strength. From walking/running to strength training to yoga and beyond, all you need to do is find the one that works for you. Of course, I love yoga, but you may find greater joy in moving your body in other ways. Just 20-3o minutes per day of movement is all you need to stay healthy. Pencil your movement practices into your schedule at the beginning of the week. Make them non-negotiable, meaning a top priority. Remember that when you take care of yourself first, you are better able to show up for everyone else you love! Also, remember to embrace where you’re at in your journey. It’s easy to get thrown off when we get dragged into negative thinking telling us we need to be further along than we are. Your journey is unique and you are right where you’re supposed to be. Keep loving yourself… one day at a time!


Recent science has proven that longer, slower, deeper breaths are directly linked to increased wellness. Getting into a routine of practicing breathwork every day will transform the way you see yourself and the world around you. A regular practice will also help you have easier access to finding ease when you feel stressed or anxious – your breath is always the doorway into relief and freedom from your mind in the present moment. Meditation is simple, but our minds like to overcomplicate it (just like they do mostly everything)! I like to start my day with a simple five minutes to myself… I wake up before everyone else and go to my sacred space I have setup for sitting quietly to come back to my center. I set my phone timer for five minutes and sit either on a comfy cushion or yoga block. I anchor into my breath and commit to observing my mind with love and kindness. When I notice thoughts, I simply return to my breath. I might have to return to my breath a hundred times, and that is okay. It’s important to practice self-compassion when observing the mind. It’s job is to think – we are not trying to shut it off. The more we can observe our thoughts with love and compassion, the greater opportunity we have to become more aware of them and change them, if needed. A great practice to integrate with your meditation is choosing a positive thought to focus on, or a mantra or prayer. One of my favorites is simply, “I love myself.” Choose empowering thoughts and you will empower your life!


Find a yoga studio or group of moms you connect with on a weekly basis. Human connection is a basic need we all have… we were not meant to do this life alone! Gathering with likeminded individuals will help you feel more connected to yourself, feel supported, and get inspired to keep showing up for yourself so that you can fully show up for your kiddos, family, and friends!

I’d love to have you in class soon! Check out my adult vinyasa class offerings here and my kids yoga class offerings here.

Contact me to schedule private lessons, group classes, or events! I look forward to being a part of your wellness journey!